GreatEye (great_eye) wrote,

Christmas for the kiddies

5 nieces and a nephew.  Every one of them will get a book this Christmas from me.  Maybe more than one.  Suggestions are welcome, I only have 3 figured out. (4 of the kids are aged between 2yrs and 6yrs - one is about 8yrs and the other 11yrs.) Please don't suggest the Harry Potter books. They are kids. Therefore, they already have HP.

1.  The Monster at the End of this Book -- I don't remember if I had this book, or read it when I was older and babysitting, but this is one of the all time best children's books that I can remember.  I don't know what made me think of it a few days ago, but I was so relieved to find it still in print.

2.  Dictionary in Spanish: The Cat in the Hat Beginner Book - Perhaps my most favourite childhood book.  It *IS* an English to Spanish dictionary for kids, which was cool enough - but there are also stories and in-jokes that run throughout starting with one of the first words in the dictionary 'aligator' - (Aaron the aligator if I recall correctly) who is a starring figure throughout the book.  I can't wait to see the book again, and once I do, I will probably have to order one for myself as well as my nephew or niece.

3.  And Tango Makes Three - Oh, yes indeed! Thank you closed-minded conservative!  a&^-holes! If it were not for you, I'd have never known about this book, and I can't wait to read it myself. I'm not sure my niece's conservative parents are going to appreciate it (I'm really hoping they don't actually object to it) but the 4 year old is going to get it anyway. (No worry on the other side, my nephew's parents will love it, I'm sure.)


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