GreatEye (great_eye) wrote,

I'm impressed (and not)

Y'know, LJ has been wierd and slow and just plain a pain in the butt lately. But I am so impressed. Instead of ignoring the issues, instead of just saying, well that's the way it goes, LJ acknowledges that it's paid members should get some credit - and extend my subscription a week.

That's a far cry from our cable company, who told us this weekend when we called to confirm our appointment (our cable box keeps crapping out on us) that they had cancelled our appointment. See it is "POLICY" to cancel all scheduled appointments made in an area when there is an 'area outage' fixed. It doesn't matter that we didn't have an outage, there was one in our area. It doesn't matter that our scheduled technician visit had nothing to do with the outage. It doesn't matter that they didn't call to tell us or reschedule. It is their POLICY to just cancel scheduled service calls without notice. Oh, yeah, it doesn't matter that their schedule is so booked that we waited over 8 days to get an appointment, or that we'll have to wait another 8 days to get another. Not to mention that if there is another 'area outage' the very same thing could happen again.

If the cable co. were not a monopoly, i.e. if I had a choice, I wouldn't do business with them.

Obviously, I am pleased to do business with LiveJournal.

The complete difference in experiences is so striking.

Off to sleepy land now.


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