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We watched this week's CSI last night.  For the longest time, this show was just an enjoyable way to waste an hour.  But, in my opinion, the last couple of seasons (barring the Catherine-centric shows) have gotten nothing but better.  Yeah, Quentin Tarintino upped the ante when he directed that season ender ep, but the CSI writer team seem to have stepped up fantastically to the challenge.

In my opinion, the episode this week was the best I've ever seen on CSI.  The right amount of murder creepy, angry and violent undertones, friendship, and in keeping with something new this season, not wrapped up in one nice bow at the end.  I think CBS is showing it on their site - streaming it - and if you ever liked CSI, I'd recommend you go check it out.

But, even though i think it is the best epsode of this series, the show was stolen about two thirds of the way through when they got to the trademark musical interlude with the lab work in the background.  The song, is perhaps the best cover song I've ever heard.  'Word Up' a 1980's R/B funk crossover pop hit for Cameo was covered by a smokey voice blues singing female (yes, Queenikins, think Lynne Jordan when her voice smokes up the slow songs) voice, with a relentless bass thump thumb (bass, as in a member of the violin family, not bass guitar) that makes one want to slowly shuffle her feet and roll her body to the music's insistence.  You can hear a clip of this unexpected, fresh and amazing cover by Willis at this page : link here  - unfortunately, if the whole song is available anywhere on-line I can't find it.

Back to CSI.  So, they are playing this fantastic song, over the lab work.  This time it's the man I love to watch, cause he's such a misfit, Hodges, and he's shuffling and rolling to the music as he does his work.  Hey, CSI!  You never before showed us that there is a cool fellow inside this annoying geek just trying to break free before.  Yes, he's doing a perfect example of  'white men can't dance' but somehow - in the setting of this episode, and in the overall setting of this show - it was simply masterful.  

I tuned in to waste an enjoyable hour in front of the TV with my hubby.  But, I got some quality entertainment instead.  Bravo.


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